oeha awards - 2004

Sanitarian of the Year
David Bussen, REHS - David is the Douglas County Environmental Health Director. He has worked as a Sanitarian in Oregon since the end of 1973. He attended his first OEHA Conference at Diamond Lake in 1974. Since that time he has been a member and participant for OEHA in many capacities over the years; as committee member, committee chairman, newsletter editor, secretary, treasurer, vice president and as 2001-2003 President.

David has been active in CLEHS, CLHO and many state committees. Over the last year he was a member of the BT Assurance Committee which helped set the criteria for the counties and state to meet the CDC focus area requirements for grant funding. He has been a CLHO Executive Board member for two terms (1997-1999, 2001-2003).

David is supportive of OEHA promoting his staff to participate in OEHA & allowing his staff to attend the Annual Education Conferences. He has been a great asset to his community, the state of Oregon, and to the profession of Environmental Health/Public Health.
Vern Reierson Meritorious Service Award
Lila Wickham, RN - Although Lila is not a registered sanitarian herself, she is manager of the Multnomah Environmental Health Division and continues to support the operations, activities, & mission of OEHA through allowing her staff to participate in OEHA & attend the Annual Education Conference.

Lila was chairperson of CLEHS (2002-2003) and was lead in the facilitated workshops to improve communications & coordination between DHS & county environmental health managers. She coordinated efforts for development of decision protocol for both CLEHS & DHS.

Lila is active in CLHO and involved in CLHO committees; BT Grant Award Writing, BT Emergency Planning Assurance, and CLHO Standards to mention a few. Lila was also involved with the development of the food handler training rule revision and evaluation process with/between DHS, industry, and Local Health Departments.
Award Criteria and Purpose