oeha mission statement

  • To promote the highest degree of skill, efficiency and professional competence among Environmental Health Specialists and Practitioners and all other members practicing disciplines in environmental health through a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • To foster cooperation and understanding among environmental health professionals in Oregon, to work with other like-minded organizations consistent with the advancement, cause, image and the professional development of the environmental health profession in Oregon.
  • To establish and maintain high standards of integrity; more specifically for the members of this association who are engaged in Environmental Health activities for the protection of the health and welfare of the public.
  • To engage in lawful activities appropriate to a professional organization; provided, however that the Association shall not function as a collective bargaining agent for the purpose of fixing the compensation or conditions of employment for any of its members; nor shall the Association endorse the products or services of any manufacturer or other commercial organizations nor shall the Association sanction such endorsement by or in the name of the Association by any of its officers or members.

The Purpose of OEHA is to provide assistance in creating a more livable environment through equipping its membership with the professional ability to accomplish this goal.